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Thassos is a green island in the North Aegean near the coasts of Eastern Macedonia. It is an alpine island with rich vegetation, enchanting landscapes, rapid waterfalls, and lakes.

The island has countless beaches that can cater to every taste. Most of them combine green landscapes with turquoise waters and golden sand. Some of the best known are:

  • Paradise Beach: It is an organized exotic beach with golden sand, crystal clear waters and easy access.

  • Alyki Beach: They are two beaches surrounded by pine trees. The beach in the south is more organized, while the one in the north is quieter. There are also taverns to eat, and you can see the ancient marble quarry and the ruins of ancient civilization and two churches.

  • Golden Beach: The largest beach on the island, fully organized with many restaurants and cafes. There you can also try various water sports.

  • Giola Lagoon: The beach is surrounded by rocks up to 8 meters. Giola is a natural pool and to get there you must walk a few minutes with caution and comfortable shoes.

  • Arsanas Beach: It is a small bay with cool turquoise waters and white fine sand.

  • Marble Beach: It is a beautiful beach with white pebbles, clear blue waters and dense vegetation that creates an exotic landscape.

Thassos is an island that produces traditional products such as olives, olive oil, honey, wine and pastries of fig and walnut. You should not leave the island if you do not try first cooked goat with various combinations, "Liokauto" fish and octopus meatballs.

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