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Image by Marianna Stylianou


Samothrace is one of the islands of the North Aegean and stands out for its lush and green beauty. It is an island full of beautiful lakes, magnificent waterfalls, peaceful beaches, and delicious local delicacies.


Arriving at the port of Samothrace, Kamariotissa, you will behold a small and beautiful, picturesque fishing village in which you will be able to meet your every need and of course you will find cafes, taverns and bars that stay open until late at night.


Although the beaches of Samothrace are not as famous as its waterfalls and rock pools, they do not lag at all. Some of the most famous beaches are:

·       Pachia Ammos Beach: An exotic beach with turquoise waters, dense vegetation, and golden sand. The beach is organized with umbrellas and beach bars.

·       Vatos Beach: One of the most impressive beaches as it is surrounded by high rocks, trees and has white sand. It is accessible only from the Sea.

·       Fonias Beach: The beach has gray pebbles and there the waters flow from the torrent of Fonias. There you will also find the ruins of a medieval tower.

·       Kipos Beach: A relatively quiet beach with small dark pebbles and blue waters. It is probably the largest beach on the island.


Of course, you should not leave the island if you do not try some of the local specialties with goat, tsigaristi fasolada (fried bean soup) and tourlou imam or briam. For dessert, choose the traditional praousti, made from a local fruit.

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